Cool Apocalypse is the story of four people during a summer day in Chicago. Paul and Julie are a couple just beginning. Julie finally takes the first step to introduce herself to Paul and they immediately connect. At the same time, Paul’s roommate, Claudio, and his girlfriend, Tess, bicker like an old married couple as they run errands to prepare Tess for a summer job in Italy. These two couples come together for a good-bye dinner for Tess, where one relationship blossoms while the other shatters.


PAUL is a writer in his twenties. An extremely literate fellow, he is a recent college graduate who has just written a Joycean novel that he is aggressively trying to get published. In the meantime, he works in an independent bookstore in order to make ends meet. He laughs easily and sees life from a glass half full perspective.

JULIE is a women’s health center employee and feminist blogger in her twenties. She has a fair complexion, a sunny disposition and a quick-wit. She has an essentially romantic nature and is actively looking for a man to be her proverbial partner-in-crime.

CLAUDIO is an unemployed filmmaker and video journalist in his twenties. He has a dark, brooding personality and has allowed his cynical nature to lead him to a place of creative and professional paralysis. His long-term girlfriend, TESS, has recently ended their relationship.

TESS is a video journalist in her twenties whose star is rapidly ascending. She has a wildly popular fashion web-series, which has led to her being offered a paid internship in Italy for the summer. A smart, cosmopolitan woman, she is more interested in her career than in a relationship with CLAUDIO, about which she retains feelings of bitterness.