Customized Version of “Lake Shore Drive” to Appear in COOL APOCALYPSE

We are very excited to announce that we have secured permission from singer/songwriter Skip Haynes (of Aliotta-Haynes-Jeremiah fame) to use his classic 1971 song “Lake Shore Drive” in Cool Apocalypse. The song that will appear in the film will be the original master recording but will nonetheless be customized for our movie. Skip will re-record a new lyric for the song’s chorus that namechecks one of our male protagonists: “Running south with Claudio, heading into town.”

The song will play over a scene in which Claudio (Adam Overberg) and his ex-girlfriend Tess (Chelsea David) drive south on Lake Shore Drive (“water on the driving side”) while listening to the song. Because we are trying to make Cool Apocalypse as quintessential and authentic a “Chicago movie” as possible, we are extremely grateful to Skip for allowing us the use of one of the all-time great Chicago songs! You can listen to the original version of “Lake Shore Drive” via YouTube below: