Cool Apocalypse Mention at Broken Hearted Toy

Cool Apocalypse has a mention at Terry Flamm’s great music-themed blog “Broken Hearted Toy” (which you should be following if you’re not already). This is our first official mention in the press! Check it out:

Michael Smith, a Chicago-based filmmaker I had the pleasure to interview for the online magazine Chicago DIY Film, is in the midst of an ambitious new project. Smith was promoting his award-winning short The Catastrophe when we talked a few years ago, and now he’s planning on shooting a feature film called Cool Apocalypse.

“It is a simple story about modern-day relationships in Chicago,” Smith explained in a recent email blast. “It will unquestionably be the biggest and best thing I’ve ever done.”

He’s using crowd-sourced funding that, “will go towards making the film look and sound as good as possible.” A $25 donation will get you a “Thank You” in the movie’s closing titles, as well as the good feeling of supporting a local filmmaker.